Day 44: Maundy Thursday, April 18th, 2019

Today is Maundy Thursday. What does that mean? The word “Maundy” is derives from the Latin “mandatum,” which means “commandment.” Jesus and His disciples were sharing their “last supper” when Jesus told them this new
commandment—after He the ‘Master’ had washed their feet.

I’m more of a “Martha” person—meaning I’m the one serving, but to be served is to humbly experience God’s love and grace.
My grandparent and parents were loving examples of serving others. Living in a rural area they were always helping neighbors in whatever way they could—food, sitting with the sick, helping build barns, and taking care of animals.

My grandfather’s favorite gospel hymn, written by William Golden in 1918, said it simply, and today this is my prayer.

A Beautiful Life
Each day I’ll do a golden deed
By helping those who are in need
My life on earth is but a span
And so I’ll do the best I can

To be a child of God each day
My light must shine along the way
I’ll sing His praise while ages roll
And strive to help some troubled soul

The only life that will endure
Is one that’s kind and good and pure
And so for God I’ll take my stand
Each day I’ll lend a helping hand

I’ll help someone in time of need
And journey on with rapid speed
I’ll help the sick and poor and weak
And words of kindness to them speak

While going down life’s weary road
I’ll try to lift some trav’ler’s load
I’ll try to turn the night to day
Make flowers bloom along the way

Life’s evening sun is sinking low
A few more days and I must go
To meet the deeds that I have done
Where there will be no setting sun


Contributed by Debra Friddle