Frisch Park

At 3640 Cunningham Road in Killeen, just down the hill from our church, lies Frisch Park.
Initially named “Methodist Park,” on February 28th 2019, the Park Steering Committee requested that the park be named after Chester N. (Chet) Frisch. This was approved by the Board of Trustees. Dedication of the Chester N. Frisch Park will be this spring upon coordination with the family.
Chet and Susan Frisch were integral parts of First United Methodist Church, Killeen. Chet and Susan Frisch raised their children at First Methodist Killeen, and Chet Frisch was instrumental in designing the park. He was respected as a man who reached out to the community with his love and service. He began the Feeding the Neighbors program at our church when the church was previously located downtown (until the move to Elms St in 2011).


He was considered an ecumenical servant, and he shared God’s love with people of all faiths and backgrounds. He was always the first to reach out to anyone who was ill or needing assistance. When moving to our new church, he looked out at the piece of land that was considered worthless and saw the potential for a beautiful outreach into the community. He researched the spiritual history. He helped design the structures. He brought his grandchildren to the park so they could carry their foundation of faith forward. Because of his vision and dedication, we have the park that we now call in his honor, Frisch Park.
We hold several annual events in the park, including the Bethlehem Village, Easter “Jerusalem” performance, and more. Also, the park has stations of the cross/prayer walk crosses made by some of our talented church members. While not a public park, we love holding our community events in this beautiful space!

Frisch Park Directions