Sarah Stone, Director of Nursery Ministry

Sarah Stone, Youth Director

Sarah Stone, Director of Nursery Ministry

Sarah joined the FUMC Killeen team March 2014 is responsible for our Nursery Ministry, which allows us to care for children between the ages of 6 weeks and 3 years old during all services as well as during other activities that go on at our facility.

Sarah is married to Justin Stone (February 2011); they met in college and have been inseparable ever since. They have two sons who are their whole world, named Luke and Daniel. They also have a very shy dog that brings so much laughter to their lives, named Cassie.

Sarah loves to be with her family doing just about anything. On a nice summer evening she might be found hanging in the back yard star gazing and if music is playing she is probably dancing with her husband. She thinks that matching her socks takes too much time so if she is wearing socks, they never match. If Sarah could own an exotic pet, it would be a monkey.

Sarah has a goal of visiting all 48 of the contiguous states; so far she has been to 38 of them (all by driving). She loves to travel but as a native Texan, Sarah can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Sarah’s education includes:

B.A., Theology with a Concentration in Youth Ministry, Texas Lutheran University 2008
To contact Sarah please call 254-634-6363 or e-mail