Day 14: Tuesday, March 19th, 2019


There are persons for companionship, “But he who finds a Wife finds what is good.”

Have you ever looked up all the different meanings for “friend”? I have friends that are labeled with special titles. Maybe like many in your .category of friends you include things like ‘my new BFF’, or maybe ‘friends forever’. Think a moment about other categories, i.e., acquaintance or those you claim as ‘someone I know’. Do you have someone that fits the description found in Proverbs? I used to think it was so great to have a ‘Chum’ in school. And then of course several ‘Buddies’ through growing up and even Pals in the Military. But I have come to cherish the time I found what the Lord has brought into my life. He gives so many reminders through Scripture that when we study, discuss and live by those instructions, we learn just what He means and will always provide the guidance we will need to find just who will fill that special spot as friend and now goes by the title of Wife. Have you been that fortunate? This day a few decades ago I was, and now I have what is ‘good’.



Heavenly Father, guide us always in the way to continually seek Your guidance and to accept it in our lives so that we may always live in fellowship with You and know what is ‘good’. Amen.


Contributed by Ken Smith